The Panel is pleased to announce two new appointments to the Panel. 

Tony Pigou was appointed to the Panel in January 2013. Mr Pigou is a consultant and advisor to Crown Fibre Holdings Limited. Mr Pigou has had a successful career in investment banking and finance over 25 years and has led many high profile initial public offerings, capital raisings, takeovers, and mergers and acquisitions. 

Tina Symmans was appointed to the Panel in April 2013. Ms Symmans is currently an independent consultant and Chairperson of William Warne Limited. Previously, Ms Symmans was Director of PSIS New Zealand Limited, now known as the Cooperative Bank, Turners and Growers Limited and Director of Corporate Relations, Telecom NZ Limited. 

Both Mr Pigou and Ms Symmans have been appointed to the Panel for a period of 5 years from the date of their appointment. 

The Panel would also like to acknowledge the work and contributions of Colin Giffney and Keith Taylor, who have both retired from the Panel this year. Mr Giffney had been a member of the Panel since 2001 and Mr Taylor had been on the Panel for the last seven years.

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