Limited Partnerships and Control of Code Company Voting Rights

Guidance|Published Nov 18, 2019

IntroductionLimited partnerships (LPs) are increasingly common in New Zealand, including as investment vehicles that acquire or otherwise hold or control shares in Code companies.

This article...

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Vector Limited - Exemption Notice 2019

Exemptions|Published Nov 6, 2019

Every person who becomes a trustee, or is a trustee, of Entrust is exempted from rule 6(1) of the Code in relation to any increase in that person’s voting control as a result of being appointed as a...

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Panel Comments on New Zealand Oil & Gas Scheme Complaints - October 2019

About the Panel|Published Oct 29, 2019

The Takeovers Panel has recently received, and investigated, several complaints from various shareholders of New Zealand Oil & Gas Limited (NZO) in relation to the proposed acquisition of minority...

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Defensive Tactics

Guidance|Published Sep 9, 2019

This Guidance Note addresses:

the implications of the Code’s rules on defensive tactics for directors of target companies (or Code companies that could become target companies);
the grounds on which...

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