CodeWord Issue 20 - May 2007

In this issue

Technical amendments to the Takeovers Code

The Takeovers Code is amended by the Takeovers Code Approval Amendment Regulations 2007 which come into force on 1 July 2007. This CodeWord explains t…

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Changes relating to shareholder meetings for approving acquisitions or allotments

Notices of shareholder meetings – statement of voting securities of acquirers or allotteesWhere the acquisition or allotment of parcels of shares in a…

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Changes relating to takeovers

Form and content of the draft offer accompanying the takeover notice and of the formal takeover offer sent to shareholders.Determining all the classes…

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Clarification of some rules and some miscellaneous technical adjustments

Partial offersRules 9 and 10 contain the Code’s general provisions about partial offers. Partial offers may be for a specified percentage of the votin…

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Transitional arrangements and References

The amendment regulations include transitional arrangements. The technical amendments to the Code will not apply in respect of any of the following:

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