CodeWord Issue 05 - May 2002

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What Does The Panel Do?

The Takeovers Code has been operating for 10 months. It is timely to spell out how the Panel carries out its functions relating to the Code. 


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Introducing the Panel’s Executive

The people you deal with when contacting the Takeovers Panel are Senior Executive, Kerry Morrell, Secretary to the Panel, Tim Dolan and Communications…

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Comment on Exemptions

CodeWord 2 (June 2001) explained the first class exemptions from the Code and CodeWord 4 (December 2001) summarised the first five individual exemptio…

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John King joins The Australian Panel

The Australian Government has appointed John King, Chairman of the New Zealand Takeovers Panel, to the Australian Takeovers Panel.
Senator Ian Campbel…

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‘Creeping’ Under Rule 7(E)

A holder or controller of between 50% and 90% of the voting rights in a Code company can increase its control percentage by “creeping” under rule 7(e)…

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Hon Paul Swain comments on the Code

Code a milestone for Securities LawThe Minister of Commerce, Hon Paul Swain, spoke to a recent seminar on takeovers in Auckland. He had this to say ab…

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