CodeWord Issue 03 - September 2001

In this issue

Takeovers Panel Policies

We have devoted this issue of CodeWord to publishing our major policies relating to the Takeovers Code and its application. The policies are stated as…

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Policy on the approval of Independent Advisers

Under the Takeovers Code, reports from independent advisers are required in various circumstances. Rules 15 and 16 require such a report where a perso…

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Policy on the appointment of Experts

Under rule 57(3) of the Takeovers Code, if a dominant owner (that is, a person who holds or controls 90% or more of the voting securities in a Code co…

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Policy Relating to Receipt of Takeover Documents

This policy outlines the Panel’s approach to documents which are required to be sent to it under the provisions of the Takeovers Code. It does not cov…

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Guide to applying for Exemptions from the Takeovers Code

The Takeovers Panel has an exemption power under section 45(1) of the Takeovers Act 1993.

The Panel recognises that in some cases there may be techni…

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