The following answers to frequently asked questions are published for general information about the Code and its application.

When will the class exemptions be published?

The class exemptions notice is published in full on our website

What will happen to the takeovers provisions in the New Zealand Stock Exchange Listing Rules when the Takeovers Code comes into force on 1 July?

The New Zealand Stock Exchange has issued a ruling relating to the introduction of the Takeovers Code which deals with these provisions of the Listing Rules. This has been sent to all holders of the Listing Rules and will be available on the NZSE web site ( shortly

Where can I get a copy of the Takeovers Code?

The Takeovers Code’s official title is Takeovers Code Approval Order 2000 (SR 2000/210). It can be bought at bookshops which stock legislation. The Code can also be viewed or printed from

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