CodeWord Issue 55 - November 2023

Published 1 November 2023

In this issue

Revisions to the Panel’s Guidance Notes on Misleading or Deceptive Conduct, Independent Advisers and Schemes of Arrangement

The Panel has recently updated a number of Guidance Notes. Available on the Panel’s website are the updated versions, as well as compare versions showing all updates, of the following Guidance…

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Reminder of how market participants should engage with the Panel

The Panel would like to remind market participants that all contact with the Panel, especially that pertaining to a live transaction, should be directed to the Panel executive. Parties should not…

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Panel consults on regulatory alignment of schemes and Code offers and deal protection devices

On 18 September 2023, the Panel released two consultation papers:

Regulatory Alignment of Schemes and Code Offers – Application of Certain Code Rules to Schemes: This paper, available here…

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The Panel welcomes new Panel members

As noted in a media release on 31 May 2023, the Panel was pleased to announce the appointment of new Panel members Rachel Dunne, David Goatley and Sam Inglis, commencing from 7 June 2023. These new…

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Christmas closedown 2023

The Panel offices will close from the end of the day on Friday, 22 December 2023, and reopen on Monday, 8 January 2024.

While the office is closed, the Panel’s General Counsel Mark Cunliffe or Chief…

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CodeWord is our regular newsletter that keeps market practitioners updated on the Panel’s guidance and determinations, as well as amendments to takeovers law. It also gives an overview of consultations with the market and any Panel news.

Please note that the Panel does not update past issues of CodeWord. As such, the material may become out of date when amendments are made to the Code. Please refer to the Panel's guidance notes for up-to-date regulatory guidance.

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