CodeWord Issue 54 - May 2022

Published 13 May 2022

In this issue

Revisions to the Panel’s Guidance Note on Schemes of Arrangement

The Panel has made a number of changes to its Guidance Note on Schemes of Arrangement (the Guidance Note).

The amendments arise out of the Panel’s experience in monitoring schemes of arrangement…

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Deal protection devices

The Panel is aware of recent acquisitions of public companies in Australia where the target company agreed to exclusivity arrangements which included deal protection devices that the Australian…

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CodeWord is our regular newsletter that keeps market practitioners updated on the Panel’s guidance and determinations, as well as amendments to takeovers law. It also gives an overview of consultations with the market and any Panel news.

Please note that the Panel does not update past issues of CodeWord. As such, the material may become out of date when amendments are made to the Code. Please refer to the Panel's guidance notes for up-to-date regulatory guidance.

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