CodeWord Issue 35 - November 2013

In this issue

Guidance on the Meaning of “Imminent” in Rule 38(1) of the Code

The Panel has published guidance on the meaning of “imminent” in rule 38. This rule prohibits the directors of a Code company from taking or permittin…

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Erratum: Rule 24c(1)(A) of the Code

On 1 June 2013, a number of “technical” amendments were made to the Takeovers Code. CodeWord 34 (May 2013) contains a summary of these amendments.


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Rule 3a(2) – What Starts with the Code, Ends with the Code

Rule 3A(2) of the Code provides that:

…if, as a result of a transaction or an event regulated under this Code, a company that previously satisfied su…

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Consolidation of Guidance Notes

As part of the consolidation and update of its guidance material, the Panel has uploaded the following Guidance Notes to its website:

Consolidated gu…

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