CodeWord Issue 13 - January 2005

In this issue

The Takeovers Panel’s exemption power

Since the introduction of the Takeovers Code the Panel has received a large number of applications for exemption from compliance with the Code. Many o…

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Upstream acquisitions

The Code was deliberately constructed to capture the acquisition of voting rights in Code companies by means of a transaction upstream from the direct…

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Differential offers

Rule 20 of the Code requires an offer to be made on the same terms and provide the same consideration to all shareholders of the same class. Recently …

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Scrip offers and overseas shareholders

A number of offerors making scrip offers have sought exemptions from rule 20 to allow them to offer overseas shareholders cash only rather than scrip.…

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Offers for convertible securities

When a full takeover offer is made the Code requires that the offer be made for all equity securities of the target company. The Code also requires th…

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The Panel is a market panel and part of its role is to facilitate competition for control of Code companies. However, it is not the Panel’s role to gr…

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