Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Paul Goldsmith has announced three appointments to the Takeovers Panel, the regulator of the corporate takeovers market. The appointments will take effect on 1 October.

Andy Coupe, who is currently Deputy Chairperson, has been appointed Chairperson.

“Mr Coupe has made a valuable contribution to the Panel over the years with his commercial and capital markets background. The Panel’s work is highly regarded and I am confident this will continue under Mr Coupe’s leadership,” Mr Goldsmith says.

Panel member Carl Blanchard has been appointed as Deputy Chairperson to replace Mr Coupe in that role.

“Mr Blanchard has a strong investment background and experience in mergers and acquisitions. The Panel will continue to benefit from his institutional knowledge while in the Deputy Chair role,” Mr Goldsmith says.

The newest appointment to the Panel is Silvana Schenone.

“Ms Schenone is an experienced legal practitioner in takeovers and her appointment ensures the Panel has sufficient expertise in this field,” Mr Goldsmith says.

Mr Goldsmith also acknowledges outgoing Chairperson David Jones, who has been a member of the Panel since its formation in 1995, serving first as Deputy Chair, then as Chair from 2007.

“Mr Jones was appointed to the Takeovers Panel advisory committee in 1991, and has ensured the Panel successfully navigated through some challenging times in New Zealand’s corporate environment. Mr Jones’ commitment and service to the public over the past 25 years is greatly appreciated,” Mr Goldsmith says.

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