EBOS Group Limited


Transaction Type: Company meeting

Other Company: Zuellig Group

Date of meeting: 14/06/2013


EBOS Group Limited


Allottee(s): Zuellig Group

Independent Adviser(s): Northington Partners (Rule 18)

Offer Date: 14/06/2013


On 14 June 2013, EBOS Group Limited (EBOS) held a special meeting of shareholders. At the meeting, EBOS shareholders approved the allotment of EBOS shares to Zuellig Group (Zuellig) as part-consideration for EBOS' acquisition of Zuellig Healthcare Holdings Australia Pty Limited (Symbion).

Key terms:
The purchase price for the transaction was NZ$865 million which was to be paid to Zuellig via two components:

  • The issue of fully paid ordinary shares in EBOS (such that Zuellig would hold 40% of the total shares on issue in EBOS on completion of the transaction - valued at approximately NZ$498 million at the time).
  • A cash payment of NZ$367 million.