The integrity of capital markets is supported by robust regulatory systems, the ethical standards of market participants, and by the agencies that regulate them. Key regulators in New Zealand’s capital markets are the Financial Markets Authority, NZX Regulation Limited, the Commerce Commission and the Takeovers Panel. Each has a different focus and purpose, and they all contribute to supporting the integrity of the markets so that investors can be confident that transactions occur in a clear and transparent manner. The Panel engages closely with its co-regulators to achieve more effective engagement. 


Financial Markets Authority

Memorandum of Understanding between Takeovers Panel and Financial Markets Authority 
August 2016


NZX Limited

Memorandum of Understanding between Takeovers Panel, NZX Limited and NZX Regulation Limited
December 2020


Financial Markets Conduct Act (Takeovers Panel) Exemption Notice 2020

The notice exempts the Panel from the substantial holding disclosure provisions of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 in respect of any relevant interest in quoted voting products of a listed issuer that the Panel has, as the result of an enforceable undertaking.