• If the time within which or the day on which any thing is to be done expires or falls on a day other than a working day (see section 2 of the Companies Act 1993), the time limit is extended to the next day that is a working day.
  • Any reference to the ‘end of the day’ means 11.59 p.m. on that date.
  • For more information about the calculation of the timing rules see CodeWord 25B.

A party to a Code-regulated transaction must observe all applicable time limits that are prescribed in the Code. If a party takes some action that is out of time, that action may be invalid or may result in a breach of the Code. This calculator is provided by the Panel to assist parties to comply with the Code’s prescribed time limits, and all care has been taken to ensure that the calculator works properly, but compliance with the Code’s time limits remains strictly the responsibility of persons who are bound by the Code.