Andy2.jpg ANDY COUPE - Chairman

Former investment banker and now professional company director, with very extensive experience in public market takeovers and capital markets. Appointed to the Panel in 2008.

 Carl Blanchard


Investment Banker.  Head of direct investments at the Accident Compensation Corporation, having previously been a managing director of investment banking at First NZ Capital.  Appointed to the Panel in 2011.   

 pic murdo

Murdo Beattie

Investment Banker. Partner of the investment banking firm of Cameron Partners Limited. Specialises in advising corporates on merger and acquisition transactions. Appointed to the Panel in 2008.


 pic simon

Simon Horner

Lawyer. Partner at Mayne Wetherell with extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions and securities offerings. Appointed to the Panel in 2011.


 Richard Hunt2


Investment Banker based in Sydney.  A market leader in mergers and acquisitions, equity capital market and debt capital market transactions. Appointed to the Panel as the Australian Panel's representative in 2014.



Managing Director, Hoku Group.  Formerly a partner at Buddle Findlay, specialising in corporate and securities law, and takeovers.  Member of the Institute of Directors. Appointed to the Panel in 2015.

   pic tony 


Corporate advisor and consultant. Experienced advisor on takeovers, merger and acquisition transactions and equity capital markets.  Former New Zealand head of investment banking and equity capital markets for major international investment banks.  Appointed to the Panel in 2013.




Lawyer. Partner of Minter Ellison Rudd Watts, specialising in mergers and acquisitions and equity capital markets.  Extensive experience advising on corporate and securities law matters in Chile, New York and New Zealand.  Appointed to the Panel in 2016.


nathanael starrenburg

Lawyer. Director of specialist corporate law firm, Harmos Horton Lusk Limited.  Specialises in public and private mergers and acquisitions, securities offerings and other equity capital markets transactions.  Appointed to the Panel in 2016.



tina symmans

Experienced adviser to Boards of Directors and CEOs, through senior management positions within large corporations as well as independent consultancy. Experienced at managing significant commercial projects encompassing challenging negotiations with capital markets and government relations dimensions.  Appointed to the Panel in 2013.

pic rogerRoger Wallis

Lawyer. Partner of Chapman Tripp. Specialising in corporate and securities law. Member of the Listed Companies Association executive, the Institute of Directors, and former Chairman of the NZX Legal and Regulatory Advisory Board. Appointed to the Panel in 2011.