The Panel is supported by a professional executive staff that consists of the Chief Executive (who is a lawyer), a General Counsel heading a specialist legal team of five lawyers, and two administration staff. 

The executive is available to assist with any questions about the Takeovers Panel and the Takeovers Code. Our email format is  

Please note, however, that the executive does not provide legal advice. Any person who is concerned about compliance with the Takeovers Code is encouraged to obtain independent advice from an experienced legal practitioner. 

The current executive are:

Andrew Hudson  Chief Executive


DDI:  64 4 815 8452  

Mob:  64 021 815401


 Joanna Lambert   Lawyer

Joanna 2

 DDI:  64 4 815 8451 



Stuart Peters   Lawyer Stu

DDI:  64 4 815 8455


Linda Delli Cicchi   Lawyer Linda

DDI:  64 4 815 8454


Eruera Harry-Reading  Lawyer Eruera 2

DDI:  64 4 815 8456