Wrightson valuation to be made available to shareholders


28 May 2004

On 26 May the Takeovers Panel said that it would consider taking further action unless it received confirmation from Wrightson Limited that it would make the Cameron & Company valuation of Wrightson available to any shareholder who requests it in terms of the requirements of clause 20 Schedule 2 to the Takeovers Code. The Cameron & Company valuation was referred to in the target company statement prepared in response to Rural Portfolio Investments Limited's partial offer for Wrightson.

Wrightson confirmed to the Panel this morning that it will distribute a document to all shareholders containing all of the information in respect of the valuation required by clause 20 of Schedule 2. Wrightson has told the Panel it will make the full Cameron & Company valuation available to any Wrightson shareholder who requests it. The Panel expects this information to be distributed to Wrightson shareholders early next week.