Media Release from the Minister of Commerce

Hon Pete Hodgson

Byrne to be re-appointed to Takeovers Panel

27 May 2005

Commerce Minister Pete Hodgson today announced that Denis Byrne is to be re-appointed as an Australian member of the New Zealand Takeovers Panel from 1 June 2005 until 7 March 2007.

John King, chair of the New Zealand panel, was re-appointed to the Australian Takeovers Panel earlier this year.

"Reciprocal appointments such as these promote better understanding of each country's regulatory regimes and strengthen trans-Tasman relationships," says Pete Hodgson. " Denis Byrne has made a positive contribution to the panel's work since his initial appointment, particularly in the areas of class exemption cases and on some division matters."

Christian Judge, press secretary, 04 471 9707 / 021 670 349

Denis Byrne

Denis Byrne has been a member of the Australian Takeovers Panel since 1997 and the New Zealand Panel since 2001. He is a Brisbane-based commercial lawyer and company director with wide experience in the corporate, infrastructure and resources areas. He practised in numerous jurisdictions throughout Australia and the region, from 1970 until 1997.